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Skilled Nursing

Medical companies undergo a staffing process at some point in time. Regardless of a company’s effort to keep its core employees, some of the medical personnel move out either to find a new career or to pursue better job opportunities elsewhere.

Nurse staffing challenges most medical companies because of the stress of finding the right people for the organization. While there are many applicants for the positions offered, only a few pass the requirements and standards of most medical companies. Nurse staffing means more than just finding people for the position. The staffing process requires a thorough screening and interview process to ensure the best prospects for the job.

With those staffing challenges sometimes being inevitable, Gifted Hands Health Services was created just for this- to help you keep a smooth transition of care as you search for your ideal candidate. We provide a wide range of nurse staffing services from travel nurse staffing, to per-diem staffing. Our goal is to provide you with highly qualified and experienced nurses and patient care technicians in NW Ohio. As one of the largest suppliers of licensed nurses, we offer and provide staffing solutions to many healthcare organizations. We carefully screen our diverse pool of nurse staffing candidates to guarantee that they meet your expectations. At Gifted Hands Health Services,​ ​you can rest assured​ ​that our candidates are insured, licensed, well- experienced, and highly-skilled in the field of nursing.

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